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Hello, I would like to join this group.

Participating in


I know how to use the following programming languages:

C C++ Assembly Basic



I know how to use the following graphics/animation packages:

Archicad 5 (or above)
Bryce 3D (or above)

3D Studio Max r2.5 (or above)
Adobe Photoshop

Paint Shop Pro 5.01 (or above)



I can do the following:

Cool Edit Pro
Make MODs (XM, S3M etc)

Make MIDIs
Compose Sheet Music

Make Sound FX

Instrument(s) I play:

HTML/Web Design:

I can do the following:

Make HTML (without HTML editor)
Write my own Javascript

Use Layers and CSS (HTML 4.x)
Use a CGI Language - Perl, etc

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