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In Plasma a project is the formation of ideas, time and work to achieve a finished product. These Products are anything from a program to a graphical animation. Projects in Plasma can only be run by Associate (or higher) members. However anyone who forfills the criteria to become a Associate Member can become one. If you want to find out about project management go here.

This web page contains both finished and current projects. The un-successful finished projects will be removed from the web page as to conserve web space. If you would like to see other finished works by Plasma it is recommended to see the Gallery. The Gallery contains graphics, programs, animation, music and sound that have been created by Plasma Members.

Another aspect of Plasma is the competitions. These are held at least once per year. The results are the main thing published on the web. If you are interested in Competitions, you can see what has been or is currently held.

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