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Plasma is a computer related group which make software, graphics, animations, sounds, music and web pages. It was founded in mid-1998. We are a non-profit organisation, that makes all the previously mentioned computer works. This page contains some of our finished work and work in progress.

Current we have 59 members, mostly located in Brisbane (41), but we also have members in Melbourne (3); USA, East Coast (3); Perth (2); London, Great Britain (2); Canberra (1); California, South Africa (1); Denmark (1); Poland (1); Toowoomba (1) and Details on all Plasma members are accessible from the Plasma Member's Page (as seen in the sidebar as well)

Plasma currently has 3 projects that are in progress. Current and Finished Projects are viewable on the Projects Page. Other Projects by Plasma members can be found in the Gallery. These are usually personal projects that were started/finished before joining Plasma.

If you are interested in joining Plasma, the application to Join is available off the Members Page on the left. Your experience and expertise should be in one of the following areas: Programming, Graphics/Animation, Music/Sound, Web Design, Administration or an area which you think would benefit Plasma. Before you join you should also read the information relating to how Plasma is managed, which is available in the following sections of this website: Management, Philosophy of Plasma and FAQs. These pages should provide you with a bit more information on what Plasma is about and how it can benefit you and you can benifit it.

After you fill in the application form you will be asked to supply an example of your work in the selected Specialty you selected on the join page. This piece of work will be used to assess your application. This is done by the board of reviewers, which includes Senior Members which are knowledgeable in the areas of specialisation of Plasma.

Once accepted into Plasma your Member Type remains at 'New Member' status until you contribute to an existing Plasma Project or, you start your own Project and your project progresses. At this time your Member Status changes to either Ordinary Member or, Specialised member.

In order to keep members informed and Projects to progress Plasma has meetings at least twice a year to discuss Plasma issues and advertise new and current Projects. This is done on IRC or in person, depending on the type of meeting required. The Meetings Page lists the agenda of such meetings, and keeps archives of previous meeting dates and meetings.