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Are you lazy? Are you the worst programmer, artist, or composer in the world? Do you think that you have no chance in the real world of computers? If this sounds like you then you should send your details and a sample of your works to...

I bet you thought we were actually going to accept this kind of talent? Heh.

Now seriously, before you join you need to know a bit about the workings of Plasma. To do this please read the Constitution of Plasma and the way plasma is run.

If you don't mind these rules and ideas or you like them, then you are eligible to join Plasma. First you need to fill in the form on the next page. You will also need to submit an example of your works before you can be classified as a Plasma member. Your work will be examined by the board to reviewers in Plasma. This board as people who know about Programming, Graphics, Animations, Music/Sound and HTML/Web Publishing. When the board comes to a decision you will be contacted so that other information about you can be obtained - Like where you are located, and to ask how much you think you will contribute to Plasma.

After you become a member of Plasma, you have a variety of options. The most recommended is to become a Specialised Member of Plasma. To do this you need to submit work for a project of Plasma, or start your own project (needs to be approved). The other option is to become a non-specialised member (this option can be taken if you are getting busy [eg school]). However when you have time you are welcome to become a Specialised Member.

Yes I agree, let me join the Plasma group.