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This Plasma Website has been made to conform to the specifcations of HTML 4.01, which 2 minor changes allowed - relating to margin widths in Netscape 4.x and below and IE 5.5 and below. Hopefully this will not be necessary in IE 6, as it is now unnecessary in Netscape 6. This website also makes use of the PNG file format as a replacement to the old GIF format, which is under patent by UniSys. To see more information about why GIF files are bad, try the Burn All Gifs website. You may also notice that CSS is widely in use on this website, which allows us to seperate content and presentational aspects of this website quite well.

The database server for use with this website is PostgreSQL and connectivity to this is done through Perl. The webserver used on Plasma is Apache. Plasma is powered by Linux.

This Plasma website was designed and made by Lachlan (Spengler). Minor changes were done by Konstanty (thekon). Original Plasma Logo was done by John (CyLeX).