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Member Name: Konstanty

Email Address: konstanty at ieee .dot. org

Main Speciality: Programming/Graphics

Member Type: Senior Member

Description: In 1998, I started a group called KB Software, since the name was not very good, our name evolved to Plasma. I am one of the programmers of Plasma, and also do some graphic design.

Speciality Ratings (Trivia):
Programming : 9
Scripting : 6
Graphics : 8
Animation : 7
Music : 5
Sound : 5
Webdesign : 7
Electronics : 7
Sysadmin : 8

Work by this member

http://www.companion500.com/ : Companion 500, Product of Acorp
http://www.shaneal.com/ : Website for Shaneal, a singer
http://kon.alphadimensions.net/digicam/ : Konstanty has a Digital Camera
http://student.uq.edu.au/~s353996/ : Konstanty's Personal Website (Outdated)
http://kon.alphadimensions.net/metaverse/ : The Metaverse

Protected Mode Doors (Old Personal Project) [Program] - size: 490 kB

Puzzle - A puzzle like game (Old Personal Project) [Program] - size: 2260 kB

A template maker for making tiles for the EBG, t3XXX should be used in the later versions [Program] - size: 23 kB

Another Plasma Ad - Animated GIF [Graphics] - size: 732 kB

A bit of a 'rap' with two teachers from a past school [Music/MOD] - size: 156 kB

Wild thing - sort of crap though :/ [Music/MOD] - size: 240 kB

Sadish Song [Music/MOD] - size: 6 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 176 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 86 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 120 kB

Plasma Projects:

Plasma Demo [ Profile ] (Sub-Project Leader)
Description: The Plasma Demo, to make a sort of 'Promotional' piece of work

Plasma Website (1999) (and previous 1998 version) [ Profile ] (Project Leader)
Description: The 1999 Version of the Plasma Website, clean look

Plasma Website (2000-2001) [ Profile ][ Web Site ] (Sub-Project Leader)
Description: Complete new Look and Feel for the Plasma Website. Also needs to include database connectivity for "live" statistics.

Empire Building Game [ Profile ][ Web Site ] (Project Leader)
Description: To make an Empire Building Game, with a few new concepts.

Solar Car Database [ Profile ] (Project Leader)
Description: A database for the results of the 1998 Miniture Solar Car Race

Plasma CD [ Profile ] (Project Leader)
Description: To make a CD of Plasma work done during a year of Plasma.