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Member Name: John

Email Address: galexynet at optushome .dot. com .dot. au

Main Speciality: Graphics/Animation

Member Type: Associate Member

Description: -=Art is Self-Expression=- It's the artist, not the tools. It's the process involved in realizing a creative idea, and bringing it to life

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http://www.omikron.com.au/ : Omikron Products - Manufacturers & Wholesalers
http://members.optushome.com.au/galexynet/ : CyLeX's personal web page

New age plasma logo - JPEG [Graphics] - size: 49 kB
Plasma Intro Animation/Splash screen [Animation] - size: 3500 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 184 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 76 kB

Plasma Logo [Graphics/Logo] - size: 60 kB

Plasma Projects:

Empire Building Game [ Profile ][ Web Site ]
Description: To make an Empire Building Game, with a few new concepts.