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Member Name: Dylan

Email Address: dylanr at uq .dot. net .dot. au

Main Speciality: Programming

Member Type: Senior Member

Description: Programmer. Interested in algorthmic creation including AI, 3d engines etc

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Work by this member

http://www.radcliffe.id.au/ : Dylan's "Family" Homepage

A ray casting engine, prototype for 3d maze game [Program] - size: 221 kB

A VESA mode detector (good for VESA 1.0) [Program] - size: 8 kB

Plasma Projects:

Empire Building Game [ Profile ][ Web Site ]
Description: To make an Empire Building Game, with a few new concepts.

3D Maze Game [ Profile ][ Web Site ] (Project Leader)
Description: A 3D Maze Game (Raytraced)