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Member Name: Jon

Email Address: s348521 at student .dot. uq .dot. edu .dot. au

Main Speciality: Programming

Member Type: Senior Member

Description: I am primarily a coder (programmer) who started coding GWbasic on an Funvision, migrating to XT computers in around 1989 (when I was 10). I moved on to learn Turbo Pascal, creating many advanced (for my time) programs including student database systems, binary file veiwers, and demos. By this time I had a 486 and was hooked on mods and demos. I started a business called "Byte Size" and had various clients. I also co-founded "Goodstuff Productions", a Brisbane demogroup with a friend of mine from secondary school, Ned Harrison. Eventually, I got a PII300 and from there my skills have grown into the *nix arena, IRC scripting for mIRC, C/C++, Visual Basic (and to a lesser degree Visual C), Java, HTML, MCU coding (assembler & C/C++) and more. I write my own mods occasionally, and I am an average graphic artist (nothing special!). I like to think that I am a friendly sociable person who loves computers, but also loves getting out and doing things.

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Work by this member

http://www.francisallen.com.au/ : Francis Allen & Co
http://student.uq.edu.au/~s348521/ : Jon's Personal Webpage
http://zip.to/stoneageaustralia/ : Stone Age Australia
http://members.dingoblue.net.au/~kloske/ge/ : Global Express
http://crash.to/nses/ : NSES
http://student.uq.edu.au/~s349255/ : Jill's Personal Webpage

Few projects from the demo group good stuff [Program] - size: Unknown Size

Plasma Projects:

Plasma Demo [ Profile ] (Project Leader)
Description: The Plasma Demo, to make a sort of 'Promotional' piece of work

Botwarz [ Profile ][ Web Site ] (Project Leader)
Description: A Game for Programamers.