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Member Name: Christian

Email Address: vic at alphadimensions .dot. net

Main Speciality: Graphics/Web Design

Member Type: Member

Description: I am a student of international relations, and conflict. My studies range from terrorism, war, and economic sanctions to diplomacy, international non government organisations and global politics. I am also found to have and continue to study mathematics and computer science. I am profficient in C and Java, and am very highly versed in HTML, DHTML/CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I have very diverse interests and can be motivated to do anything for the right price (b33r, women, lust for power ...)

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Work by this member

http://alphadimensions.net/~vic/ : Personal Website
http://www.powerup.com.au/~sf_books/ : Albion Science Fiction Bookshop
http://www.wargameswarehouse.com.au/ : Wargames Warehouse, sellers of all forms of Miniature, Board, RPG, and CCG games.
http://www.house-of-kitchens.com.au/ : House of Kitchens, an excellent kitchens and home renovation family company based in Stafford and running for over 20 years.
http://nighthawkdata.cjb.net/ : Nighthawk Data, personal business name for website work, and a site very badly in need of an update.

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