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This section contains information on how Plasma is managed & organised. Sub-sections include:

Project Management

Projects in Plasma can be anything relating to computers. However there are set categories which are recommended. These are shown below:

Although anything can be a project. Every project has a few things in common. The first is that there must be One Main Project Leader. The main project leader can appoint sub-project leaders which can have leadership for a specific task or shared leadership role.

When a project is started by a member of Plasma, a few things must be decided. These are detailed below:

If the person who leads a project loses interest, then if adequate interest remains in the group another leader can be appointed.

Member Status Management

To become a Plasma member a person must first fill out the joining for and supply an example of their work. The application is examined by the board of reviewers - which is a selection of people in Plasma who are highly specialised in Programming, Graphics, Music and Web Design. This group selects the type of membership the person will have and how good his/her talents are.

Once this person is accepted they are a Plasma member. A Plasma member has two types of status: Member Type and Specialisation Types.

There are 3 member types:

Specialisation Types are within a category such as Programming, Graphics/Animation, Music/Sound, Concepts, Web Design. There are 3 specialisation types types:

For each member type and specialisation type the member has to forfill a specific quota. The most demanding is the 'Specialised' Member Type and 'Highly-Specialised' Specialisation Type. These are detailed for each type of member type below:

The Movement between these member types is illustrated in the picture below. It can be noted that there can be frequent changes from non-specialised member status to specialised member status (and vice-versa). The reason for this is that a member can have varying amounts of time that they can commit to Plasma, and the non-specialised member status is less demanding than specialised member status.

Member Movement Diagram

Note: Projects can only be led by Specialised Members.

Each Specialisation Type will be detailed below:

Newsletter Management

All big events and news is published in the Plasma newsletter. This differs from normal news in that it is formally presented and only occurs every 1-2 months.

Every newsletter is available in 3 formats:

Every newsletter will contain around 3 pages. The newsletter will contain:

Newsletters will be sent out in the following parts of 2000: (Please note that the seasons are for the southern hemisphere)

Articles can be anything relating to computers and technology. They can be submitted at any time before the newsletters come out. (You can submit an article for the last edition of the year - if you want)

Meeting Management

A Plasma Meeting is a meeting of Plasma Members to discuss Plasma Issues. A Plasma Meeting can either be an IRC Meeting (on IRC) or at a real location. Since not everyone in Plasma is in the same place (city/country/etc) the majority of meetings need to be on IRC.

A meeting can be called by any Specialised Member. The person who calls the meeting can decide whether it is on IRC or IRL (in real life). If the meeting is on IRC they can also decide the server it is on. However it is recommended to choose one of irc.uq.edu.au and austnet.org, as this is where meetings in the past have been held.

The person calling the meet needs to set up a list of topics to be talked about, at the meeting. This will be stored on the Plasma Website (under Meetings).

A number of set meeting dates have been selected by Konstanty. These meeting dates were selected so that they would be a week or two before Newsletters are released.

There are 3 "important" meetings during the year. These are 2 IRC ones and 1 IRL one. The IRC Meetings are situated on the last Saturdays before people go to work/uni/tafe/school/etc at the beginning of the year and the Saturday in the winter vacation (for countries below the equator). The IRL meeting is some time in January in Brisbane.