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Below lists a list of work by Plasma members (not necessarily related to a project), in the category of Music.

Music/MOD: A bit of a 'rap' with two teachers from a past school By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/autonkopittke.mod.zip (156 kB)
Music/MOD: The beat of Qazwsxedc By: Ben / Qazwsxedc
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/qazbeat.xm.zip (284 kB)
Music/MOD: Wild thing - sort of crap though :/ By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/konwildt.xm.zip (240 kB)
Music/MOD: Cats - because they are cool By: Ben / Qazwsxedc
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/cat.xm.zip (129 kB)
Music/MOD: Cool By: Ben / Qazwsxedc
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/cool.xm.zip (91 kB)
Music/MOD: Instrumental Song By: Ben / Qazwsxedc
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/instmntl.xm.zip (113 kB)
Music/MOD: Sadish Song By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/sadcomp.xm.zip (6 kB)
Music/MP3: A quick little bit of mixing By: Edward / Edz
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mp3/opportunity.zip (1847 kB)
Music/MOD: Simpsons Mix By: Ben / Qazwsxedc
Download: http://plasma.alphadimensions.net/gallery/music/mod/simpseh.xm.zip (312 kB)
Music/MP3: Music By Tankeo By: Adam / AB
Download: ftp://ftp.saturni.net/pub/tankeo/ (Unknown Size)