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Websites displayed here are websites made by Plasma members for other companies/people or even Plasma (such as the one you are looking at right now). They are usually not a part of any project - instead they are mostly used as an entry requirement for most Web Design people in Plasma. Enjoy Browsing.

Websites: by Azure aka Jon
URL: http://www.francisallen.com.au/ Description: Francis Allen & Co
URL: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s348521/ Description: Jon's Personal Webpage
URL: http://zip.to/stoneageaustralia/ Description: Stone Age Australia
URL: http://members.dingoblue.net.au/~kloske/ge/ Description: Global Express
URL: http://crash.to/nses/ Description: NSES
URL: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s349255/ Description: Jill's Personal Webpage
Websites: by bigd aka Dylan
URL: http://www.radcliffe.id.au/ Description: Dylan's "Family" Homepage
Websites: by CyLeX aka John
URL: http://www.omikron.com.au/ Description: Omikron Products - Manufacturers & Wholesalers
URL: http://members.optushome.com.au/galexynet/ Description: CyLeX's personal web page
Websites: by Dalamar aka Lionell
URL: http://www.howzat.com.au/webshop Description: Web-based shop system, running on NT4 using IIS4 as the web server.
URL: http://dalamar.stargate.net.au/ Description: Lionell's Personal Page
Websites: by elf aka Dan
URL: http://www.ecn.net.au/~reeds/ Description: Dan's Personal Website.
Websites: by lime aka Sheridan
URL: http://www.junkyard.cx/ Description: Junkyard
Websites: by metaplasma aka Konstanty
URL: http://www.companion500.com/ Description: Companion 500, Product of Acorp
URL: http://www.shaneal.com/ Description: Website for Shaneal, a singer
URL: http://kon.alphadimensions.net/digicam/ Description: Konstanty has a Digital Camera
URL: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s353996/ Description: Konstanty's Personal Website (Outdated)
URL: http://kon.alphadimensions.net/metaverse/ Description: The Metaverse
Websites: by seed aka Igor
URL: http://www.533d.com/projects.php Description: Igor's Personal Website
URL: http://www.digital-brisbane.com/ Description: A computer company.
URL: http://www.tr0ll.com/ Description: Tr0ll.com - its a zero you newb
Websites: by soundoff aka Dane
URL: http://www.baydolphin.com.au/ Description: Bay Dolphin Sailing Tours
URL: http://www.tomcatcharters.com.au/ Description: Tom Cat Charters Offshore Fishing
Websites: by Spengler aka Lachlan
URL: http://come.to/kewn/ Description: Kewn's world, personal website
Websites: by teddy aka Justin
URL: http://www.the-peppers.com.au/ Description: The Peppers
URL: http://alphadimensions.net/~justin/ Description: Justin's Personal Website.
Websites: by thepyro aka Aidan
URL: http://allen.alphadimensions.net/ Description: Pyro's Personal Page
Websites: by vicomte aka Christian
URL: http://alphadimensions.net/~vic/ Description: Personal Website
URL: http://www.powerup.com.au/~sf_books/ Description: Albion Science Fiction Bookshop
URL: http://www.wargameswarehouse.com.au/ Description: Wargames Warehouse, sellers of all forms of Miniature, Board, RPG, and CCG games.
URL: http://www.house-of-kitchens.com.au/ Description: House of Kitchens, an excellent kitchens and home renovation family company based in Stafford and running for over 20 years.
URL: http://nighthawkdata.cjb.net/ Description: Nighthawk Data, personal business name for website work, and a site very badly in need of an update.