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Below lists a list of work by Plasma members (not necessarily related to a project), in the category of Programs.

Program: A ray casting engine, prototype for 3d maze game By: Dylan / bigd
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/raycast.zip (221 kB)
Related Project: 3D Maze Game
Program: A template maker for making tiles for the EBG, t3XXX should be used in the later versions By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/template_maker.zip (23 kB)
Related Project: Empire Building Game
Program: Protected Mode Doors (Old Personal Project) By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/pdoors.zip (490 kB)
Program: Puzzle - A puzzle like game (Old Personal Project) By: Konstanty / metaplasma
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/puzzle.zip (2260 kB)
Program: A VESA mode detector (good for VESA 1.0) By: Dylan / bigd
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/vidtest.exe (8 kB)
Program: Few projects from the demo group good stuff By: Jon / Azure
Download: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s348521/goodstuff/ (Unknown Size)
Program: A quick little flame generator written in assembler (spec. Turbo Assembler), with source code (sorry, no comments). By: Lionell / Dalamar
Download: http://www.stargate.net.au/~lionell/fire.zip (1 kB)
Program: Gravity simulation between n objects in space. Should work for up to fifteen or twenty objects, depending on you computer. Three to seven objects looks best. By: Lionell / Dalamar
Download: http://www.stargate.net.au/~lionell/grav.zip (1 kB)
Program: Various DOS programs including Chess, and graphical effects By: John / Ko
Download: http://plasma.worldgroup.net.au/gallery/programs/john_programs.zip (23 kB)
Program: Netcraft - a Soon to be Plasma Project By: Maciek / fijal
Download: http://netcraft.sf.net/ (Unknown Size)