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About This Page

This page has been provided to supply information regarding meetings as a reference [before the meeting occurs] and as an archive for past meetings. The archive goes back until 1999, as in 1998 agendas of meetings were not formulised in such a way. There are two major types of meetings that are held by Plasma, one is an IRC Meeting, which allows all members of Plasma to contribute; and the other allows people in a given city (usually Brisbane, Australia) to contribute in person. Both types of meeting are needed as this allows everyone to have a say in the happenings of Plasma.

Previously Plasma met on both the 'UQ' and 'austnet' IRC servers - reached by using au.austnet.org (Austnet) or irc.uq.edu.au (UQ). However more recently we only make use of the UQ server. The #plasma channel is used for discussion. During meetings, moderation may be implemented if the meeting gets out of hand.

How to get on IRC

To get on IRC you first need a IRC client.
If you are using MS Windows, we recommend mIRC, you can download it from Here.
If you are using Macintosh then go to This site.
If you are using UNIX (Linux), then get X-Chat, BitchX, or irssi, or IRCII.
If you are using another platform then contact us.
If you are a student at the University of Queensland (UQ) you can use the telnet client on the student/koala server. Here is a a brief HOWTO of how to use IRC this way.

After you have an IRC client you need to set it up. You need to connect to irc.uq.edu.au (on the default IRC port of 6667). In mIRC this will not exist (you need to create it). Once you are online you may want to know some IRC commands. Some important ones are listed below:

Once you are online you need to join the channel #plasma, as this is where our discussion will be. I will be tHeKoN/kon. If you need any more help email us, we will be happy to help.

All IRC Meetings are on irc.uq.edu.au. You are welcome to join us at any time.

I want to add more to this page

If you want to add a new topic to any of the upcoming meetings, a better explanation or make a suggestion then please email us.