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Q: What is Plasma about?

A: Plasma is about gaining experience in the world of creating software, graphics, music/sound as well as the area of electronics in a Group environment. It is a group which accept people with skills in one of the area mentioned previously, and allows them to start Projects and join other people's Projects. Individual Projects have rules set as the project leader of that Project sets up. [As long as they are not too far away from the ethics of Plasma.]

Q: Who Manages Plasma?

A: Plasma is managed mainly by Konstanty, however individual projects are managed by their respective project leaders. More information about management is available from the Management Page.

Q: What should I do if I find a problem in one of your programs or projects?

A: Go to the Bug Report form and fill it in. If the bug is big enough of a problem it will be fixed soon after you report it. You can also submit feedback on the given program using this form.

Q: Where is Plasma based?

A: Plasma is mainly based in Brisbane, Australia [largest Member Base], however there are also members in throughout the rest of Australia and even some from the rest of the world. The main form of contact between members is email [and the Internet], however members from the same city also meet relatively frequently, especially in Brisbane.

Q: How do I start a project?

A: To start a project you submit the idea, and the other information as detailed on the Management Page. Once this basic information is submitted, a website for the website is preferable, and alot of the other details of the project are fully up to the project leader. Licensing and other issues are also dependant on the choice of the Project Leader. Which will be you since you are starting the project.

Q: How do I become a member of Plasma?

A: To become a Plasma member you need to first have some ability in one of the areas of Plasma. Next you go the Join page and read all the necessary documentation. After you have read all of it you go to the Joining form (by clicking on I agree on the joining page). Fill this form out and be ready to show a sample of your works when you get a reply.

Q: Can I still produce my own works out of Plasma when I become a member?

A: The short answer is yes. In the process of being in Plasma you will probably learn new things that you will use in your own projects, thats what the purpose of Plasma is (to learn and experience new things). However, when you participate in a Plasma project it means that you have to respect the intellectual property rights of other members - you shouldn't directly copy anything done by someone else unless you get their permission.

Q: How should I go about contacting the group?

A: The easiest way to contact Plasma, is through email. This can be done by sending an email to Konstanty and he will pass this message onto everyone else in Plasma, through the website or email. If you are in Brisbane, it is good to bring up issues to the group at the meeting, if not in Brisbane then it is also good to add your agenda item to the agenda as mentioned on the Meetings Page.