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  • 2004-07-21
  • New Plasma Website Launched submitted by metaplasma (11:49:49)

    The New Plasma Website has been launched. Even though it was not finished yet - in terms of the old functionality most of the features are now present in the new website.
    Also the Plasma website has been moved to a new server. So the next new function that will be implemented is a subversion repository.
    We also can set up some mailing lists for projects and general Plasma discussion (with mailman).

  • 2004-04-14
  • Plasma Website Updates submitted by metaplasma (10:50:36)

    Currently the Plasma website is undergoing a major re-write. Some of the new features include, that it is now running of a Content Magagement System called ouCMS; all Plasma members can authenticate and perform special functions, such as modifying their profile, updating and creating projects; submit news on the news page, and soon propose and administer meetings.